Think Tank Gallery and Vans present Drinkin’ Smokin’ & West Coastin’ – A Group Love/Hate Letter to LA - a month of art and events about their hometown, and all the stereotypes that come from it – especially the true ones. It's a reflection on classic Best Coast culture from the '84 Olympics to the Kings/Lakers rivalry, the period when they grew up with their city, and all the great and terrible things that happened in between. 
Opening is August 19th, 7:30pm - 1:00am and until September 23rd.

Explore the link below for the daily events happing during the exhibition:

Join us for the blowout opening night event of our next monthlong series of art and events, this time exploring something we all know a bit about: the City of Angels. Opening night will be full of entertainment, including a Diner serving up chicken and beer from Roscoe's and Lagunitas, live "guitar paintings" by Ash Santos, performance pieces by Alex LeGolvan and others, gifting from sponsors like Nomadica Wine and ShowGrow, limited edition product launches by Vans and Valley Cruise Press, and a preview of installations such as LA Is Still Trying To Kill Me.

This show is about three things: Drinkin,' Smokin,' and West Coastin.' The smokin' aspect will be hosted by none other than the visionary dispensary and immersive 420 entertainment brand ShowGrow. A decked out video lounge in the back will provide gifting suites, experiential cannabis events, supper clubs, and a generally chill area to hang out and watch nostalgic content while bathed in purple light.

When we were tasked with experience designing a show around oldschool LA stereotypes, the most played out was the traffic joke.So we dove in headfirst and built a bar based on LA transportation. The eye test is the Lagunitas beer menu, the photobooth is a 1992 CA Driver's License (no smiling allowed), and there are ride sharing ads all over the place so you don't drink and drive. El Silencio mezcal and Mixwell are providing the cocktails, and Nomadica is filling out the wine shelves.